It’s that time of the year, when design houses make predictions to set the tone for the whole year. We are doing our bit, so let’s roll

We at Khurana Branding & Communication believe that the year 2019 will be a year of contradictions in Design. It will witness a confluence of the past and the future. Mark our words it will be very different than what we witnessed in 2018. We strongly feel that it will be a mix of one or more of the following trends in the year to come:

  1. Arrival of 3D: The trend of 3D design started gathering steam towards the later part of 2018 and will reach its full potential in 2019. Be it in logos, fonts or graphics 3D has arrived and here to stay.
  2. Isometric designs will sell like hot cakes: Creating a 3D effect is a difficult proposition, though a beautiful one. Hence the next best thing to 3D, Isometric designs help in creating the same effect. It will not only be faster to create, it can communicate a whole story in just one glance.
  3. Asymmetric is in: Till now, things were pretty much simple. They were very symmetrical because human eye loves symmetry. But 2019 will be a year of Asymmetry. Since asymmetry conveys the kinetic energy better than symmetry, it will be used greatly in various communication tools.
  4. Duotones and gradients: Till now single color of multi colored logos and design elements have ruled with ease. But their monopoly will be threatened by the use of duotones and gradients. They will start to dominate logos, font colours, pictures, backgrounds, animations and all possible design elements.
  5. Strong return of warm colours: While Duotone and gradients will rule the roost; they will start witnessing a strong resurgence of warm colours. Don’t be surprised if duotones or gradients in warm colours start giving a tough time to the pallet of well established colours.
  6. Arrival of elegant and delicate illustrations: Till now, illustrations were in bold and think lines. But off late the trend started going in the favour of delicate and elegant illustrations. There will be an increased usage of natural elements, making the design look very intricately and textured against the artificially smooth surfaces.
  7. Beefier fonts: While the designs are getting intricate, thinner and more natural, the fonts will start becoming beefier, especially the serif variety. While custom-made ‘sans serif’ fonts will continue to exist, the utter domination of sans-serif will start crumbling.
  8. Typography will get prominence: Till now, typography was seen as a complementing element. But in 2019 it will be the foremost element. Beefier and bolder fonts, but with outline only is the trend to watch out for.
  9. Floating elements: It will be a while before the world sees a flying car, but 2019 will introduce a lot of floating elements in design. Being anti-gravity in nature, such elements will convey freedom. Anti-gravity will rule in almost every aspect of design be it logos, graphics, packaging concepts, posters, websites etc.
  10. Metallic is in: While gold will never go out of fashion, other metals will get their share of limelight this year. Particularly silver and gun metal will be the flavour of the year, along with shade coral that has taken the ramp by a storm this year.

As a globalised economy, India will also not remain untouched by these strong design trends. Watch this space as we keep a close watch on global design trends that are likely to impact us in India.

To reiterate, we feel that 2019 will be way different from what we have seen till date, and it will be exciting to see how it unfolds!

Please do share your ideas, likes, and dislikes too on this space.