The reasons can be many, but in case of #VikramTea, we had three clear objectives

In 2010, Airtel changed its brand logo from a block shaped to a more fluidic design. In 2017, another technology major, Wipro changed its logo from the coloured sunflower to a more abstract ‘dot’ design.

Both changes captured and communicated the maturation of the brands in their respective industries. Consequently, the customers could immediately connect with their new corporate identities.

But the question that begs to be asked is — why did these two brands went for an image overhaul?

Given the fact that a change in brand identity is a very strategic decision with long-term implications for a (any) brand, this is one of those activities which needs very thorough understanding of multiple factors. Generally, rebranding is needed:

  • When the market has changed
  • When customer needs have changed
  • When product offerings have changed
  • When the competitive scenario has changed

While for Airtel the reason for change was the launch of its 3G services, for Wipro it was the emergence of the brand as a trusted digital transformation partner on a global scale.

At Khurana Branding & Communication, we once faced the challenge of rebranding a heritage product – #VikramTea.

The brand was founded in 1975 by a visionary, Rameshbhai. C. Patel. The patriarch would hawk his wares on a bicycle, and do a door-to-door delivery. In 1985, he grew big enough to roll out his first retail tea outlet in Jalna, a small city in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.

An expert tea blender, in 1990 he installed his first production unit with a capacity to process five ton tea leaves a day. Today, #VikramTea has grown to Rs 600 crore sprawling unit spread across 1 lakh sq. feet at Borkhedi, Jalna.

#VikramTea is today counted among the most trusted tea brands in the country.

When #VikramTea approached Khurana Branding and Communications, it had three objectives in mind: One, to cut through the clutter with its unique identity, second to position itself as a ‘strong tea’ and third, to announce the launch of its flavoured tea bags.

After careful deliberations with the client, we proposed a re-branding exercise.

The solid font that we chose for the new identity accomplished all these three objectives. It made #VikramTea stand out on the crowded shelf. The new fond conveyed its ‘strong’ personality as a flavoured tea. And it was easy to write in other regional language to drive home the Pan-India connect.