When does a brand need to change its feathers?

The reasons can be many, but in case of #VikramTea, we had three clear objectives

In 2010, Airtel changed its brand logo from a block shaped to a more fluidic design. In 2017, another technology major, Wipro changed its logo from the coloured sunflower to a more abstract ‘dot’ design.

Both changes captured and communicated the maturation of the brands in their respective industries. Consequently, the customers could immediately connect with their new corporate identities.

But the question that begs to be asked is — why did these two brands went for an image overhaul?

Given the fact that a change in brand identity is a very strategic decision with long-term implications for a (any) brand, this is one of those activities which needs very thorough understanding of multiple factors. Generally, rebranding is needed:

  • When the market has changed
  • When customer needs have changed
  • When product offerings have changed
  • When the competitive scenario has changed

While for Airtel the reason for change was the launch of its 3G services, for Wipro it was the emergence of the brand as a trusted digital transformation partner on a global scale.

At Khurana Branding & Communication, we once faced the challenge of rebranding a heritage product – #VikramTea.

The brand was founded in 1975 by a visionary, Rameshbhai. C. Patel. The patriarch would hawk his wares on a bicycle, and do a door-to-door delivery. In 1985, he grew big enough to roll out his first retail tea outlet in Jalna, a small city in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.

An expert tea blender, in 1990 he installed his first production unit with a capacity to process five ton tea leaves a day. Today, #VikramTea has grown to Rs 600 crore sprawling unit spread across 1 lakh sq. feet at Borkhedi, Jalna.

#VikramTea is today counted among the most trusted tea brands in the country.

When #VikramTea approached Khurana Branding and Communications, it had three objectives in mind: One, to cut through the clutter with its unique identity, second to position itself as a ‘strong tea’ and third, to announce the launch of its flavoured tea bags.

After careful deliberations with the client, we proposed a re-branding exercise.

The solid font that we chose for the new identity accomplished all these three objectives. It made #VikramTea stand out on the crowded shelf. The new fond conveyed its ‘strong’ personality as a flavoured tea. And it was easy to write in other regional language to drive home the Pan-India connect.

Go omni-channel and grab your customers at all touch-points

Let us look at four headlines that made news recently

  1. India’s home grown retail giant #Future Group buys #FabFurnish.com for 20 Cr in 2016.
  2. #Future Group buys a stake in #com, a fashion e-tailer.
  3. #Amazon bought #AdityaBirla’s retail chain #more.
  4. The world’s largest retailer #Walmart bought #com around the same time.

Different people will draw different interpretations from the above headlines. However, the core message in these headlines is – omni-channel retail is in for a long, smooth haul.

Gone are the days when brands could afford to funnel their wares through one distribution channel and laugh their way to the bank. With internet, established brands have started facing the heat from digital distribution and are now keen to climb the bandwagon to grab a piece of the action playing in the virtual world.

What is the Omni-channel way for a brand? Let’s find out.

  1. Engage anywhere: Being omni-present allows engagement with customers virtually everywhere. From his car, a customer can place his order on #Amazon and get it delivered by the nearest #more outlet, or vice versa.
  2. Improve experience: Omni-channel implies convenience and dramatically improves experience and shifts brand loyalty.
  3. Brand new experience, every time: With failing attention span and falling loyalty, customers are always looking for better experiences. Omni-channel offers a seamless experience across all customer touch points.
  4. Better inventory management: Brands like #VanHeusen have digital store where customer can ‘try’ their clothes virtually without physically wearing one.
  5. Target multiple demographics: Lingerie retailer #Zivame has a strong presence in both the worlds. As an e-tailer it caters to the younger lot, while at its physical store it caters to customers who still believe in touch & feel.
  6. Live demo: Physical stores allow live demos (#Pepperfrystore) while e-stores offer real-time auctions and sales. Both can feed into one another.

At Khurana Brand Communication, we are convinced that going forward, omnichannel is the way to go for retail brands.


OOH is dead. Long live Digital OOH.

There is a particular outdoor location in Mumbai on the Patel Bridge at Marine Drive that charges nearly Rs. 30 Lakhs for a ten-day display of an ad.  Even at such cost, the site has a long waiting list of brands wanting to get on-board.

The question is, in today’s times when the whole world is gung ho about the web, what makes DOOH go strong? It’s a no-brainer. DOOH combines the best of both the worlds.

At Khurana Brand and Communications, we have multiple clients who prefer DOOH over other media when it comes to visibility. As is the case with the Patel Bridge site, no other media is able to replicate the sheer reach and eyeballs, and hence the premium pricing and long wait list.

With the advent of digital media, while critics were writing obituaries for OOH, the industry introduced its next generation: Digital OOH. The flex banner (on which the message was printed and then mounted) got thrown out of the window to be promptly replaced with giant LED screens.  The reason is not difficult to guess.

DOOH comes empowered with:

  • Speed to market: The brand communication gets released across all sites in a jiffy.
  • Action in motion pictures: With DOOH, motion pictures achieve greater engagement.
  • Low cost: DOOH has summarily done away with printing and mounting of the flex media.
  • Quick message changes: You can change your communication in an instant, or run several simultaneously through split screen technology. Imagine the advantage that brands like #Amul can get with their topical ads.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to multiply the impact: Bespoke advertisements have now become possible, so each viewer gets a personalised ad.

The best news is – DOOH integrates all forms of conventional media – mobile, streaming video, even static images in an innovative, effortless way for a customer win over.

Do you have an opinion? Then write into you.  We eagerly await your comments.

Let’s look at this year’s top five design trends in packaging

Heard that adage – ‘What is inside matters the most.”

Well, that may be true, but only partially. Because when it came to the success of the popular brand #Paperboat, what was inside the pack was just half the story. According to Forbes, Neeraj Kakkar, CEO Hector Beverage (makers of #paperboat) believes that packaging played a crucial role in inducing impulse buying, but what was inside – the beverage quality – also mattered. After the brand’s launch in 2010, Hector Beverages, the makers of #paperboat has doubled its revenue from Rs. 36 crore in 2015 to Rs. 72 crore in 2016. Instead of the customary PET bottles or the #Tetrapak, #paperboat prefers pouch pack. The success of #papeboat has led to many players like #RAW Pressery to enter the market and replicate the magic to create the same buzz. This has even forced #CocaCola to take notice and launch its own brand #Zico in the market.

Keeping this case study in mind, let’s predict what packaging design trends are likely to dominate the market, this year:

  1. Lesser is better: Look at the packaging of beverages like #RAW Pressery or #paperboat. They have hardly any text, yet they invite the customer to hold the pack in their hands and toy with it.
  2. Colourful: Again, for an impulse-buying product like chocolate or beverages, the more colourful you are, the higher is your chance to get noticed and hence bought. #Kinderjoy is a great example of that.
  3. Lightweight: By replacing PET bottles with flexi pouch, #paperboat was able to cut down on the plastic requirement by over 50%. Besides making it lightweight, it is also less damaging to the environment.
  4. See through: According to PrintWeek, generic opaque packaging will make way to polymeric, see-through material. So opaque is out, and transparent is in.
  5. Package to Engage: For impulse brands, engagement is crucial. Packaging is the “moment of truth” for every brand and it too has to pitch in.

At Khurana Branding and Communication we believe that, while it is important to be mindful of what is inside, it is equally important to show the promise on the outside.



So what’s new with print advertising in the Digital Age?

According to a study published in #The Economic Times, the print medium generated a top-line of Rs. 22,121 crore in 2018 and is expected to touch Rs. 22,424 crore in 2019.

However a study conducted by EY indicates that the revenue for Digital medium is about to match that of the print medium.

What do these conflicting set of statistics indicate?

That this could be the beginning of an end for print advertising?

Or will it continue to hold forth in a democratic country like India, where it’s the only information tool that the poor man can afford?

At Khurana Brand Communication we have clients who use both print and digital media in a very clever way in their marketing and communications activities. We have seen print media evolve with the rise of the digital age and observe some very interesting trends mentioned below:

  1. Print is a habit: There are millions of people across the world, for whom print media is still their first medium of choice for getting their daily dose of news. Digital is yet to achieve that iconic status.
  2. Print is for the family: Unlike digital media, print is for whole family consumption. So, even when a newspaper’s circulation is X, its readership could easily be 3-4X. Whereas for digital, the number is restricted to individual device users, which is usually the case with a handset.
  3. Print innovations are on the rise: In 2010, #Volkswagen created a ‘speaking’ newspaper in collaboration with #TheTimesofIndia. Such innovations are on the rise across the print media.
  4.  Vernacular is the key: Atleast in India, innovations in vernacular print have just started. This may just delay the onslaught of digital a bit.
  5. Eye-catching displays: Gone are the days of standard rectangular display ads. Now-a-days print ads too have started becoming innovative with their shapes, sizes and positioning.

So, while digital media will keep on making inroads, we at Khurana Branding and Communication feel that it will be impossible to altogether ignore print in the days to come.


Change Tactics For a Changed Market

A small change in the packaging can sometimes yield big results

After having worked with numerous brands over a period of time, we at Khurana Branding and Communication have identified instances when change, especially in packaging design becomes imperative for a brand, even a well-established brand. The sooner a category leader responds to these ‘alert signals’ from the market, the higher could be the chances of survival in a dog-eat-dog world, where any upstart can upset your apple cart at any moment!

  1. Stay Alert to the Gaps in the Market: Jerome Conlon was the Director for Marketing Insights & Planning at Nike in 1987, when the shoemaker experienced the first ever drop in sales with the arrival of Reebok. Nike’s core customer was an athlete. But Reebok’s rise made Conlon realise that there could also be a second rung of customers, the non-athletes, with similar (if not the same) needs, albeit unarticulated for a sturdy shoe, and that this market, if tapped could in fact be 150X time in size of the traditional Nike market. The insight went as a brief to Nike’s agency Wieden+Kennedy (W+K) and led to the creation of “Just Do it!” campaign that expanded the ambit of Nike products to the general market and made the brand more inclusive to non-athletes, the same market that Reebok was addressing.
  2. Identify the Trigger Factor: Take the case of #Kinderjoy. Since the targets here are kids, #Kindrerjoy wanted to give them something that would make the kids inquisitive, and they would want to open the pack to find out what was inside and feel instantly rewarded. The outcome of this brain wave was the egg-shaped packaging (which possibly costs more than the cost of the chocolate ball and the toy, put together) with a tine toy inside. The idea disrupted the market for category leader #Cadbury. Cadbury later packed Gems into a similar egg shell but alas did not succeed in weaning away the kids from #Kinderjoy. The first mover advantage went to Kinderjoy.
  3. Has the Material Needs Changed? Just before the Diwali of 2003, the worm crisis hit #Cadbury-India. With 70% market share at stake, this time, #Cadbury immediately shifted gear, oops, packaging, switched from paper to polyethylene film, and Hurray! The gameplan paid off!
  4. Think New: #Paperboat is a fine example how packaging opened a new category of beverages in India. Instead of opting for glass bottle or Tetrapak, they opted for a pillow-shaped packaging, albeit steeper in cost than a normal plastic or glass bottle, became their differentiating factor.
  5. Go Small: Using an adhesive can be messy. #Fevikwik overcame this challenge in 1985 with a small vial for emergency use. The single-use tube was revolutionary, where the speed of adhesion complemented the innovative packaging of the product.

The bottom line is that something even a small twist in the packaging design can do wonders. The brand does not have to go back to the drawing room to re-engineer the product in order to fight competition. It can do so simply and most cost-effectively with the packaging.

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