According to a study published in #The Economic Times, the print medium generated a top-line of Rs. 22,121 crore in 2018 and is expected to touch Rs. 22,424 crore in 2019.

However a study conducted by EY indicates that the revenue for Digital medium is about to match that of the print medium.

What do these conflicting set of statistics indicate?

That this could be the beginning of an end for print advertising?

Or will it continue to hold forth in a democratic country like India, where it’s the only information tool that the poor man can afford?

At Khurana Brand Communication we have clients who use both print and digital media in a very clever way in their marketing and communications activities. We have seen print media evolve with the rise of the digital age and observe some very interesting trends mentioned below:

  1. Print is a habit: There are millions of people across the world, for whom print media is still their first medium of choice for getting their daily dose of news. Digital is yet to achieve that iconic status.
  2. Print is for the family: Unlike digital media, print is for whole family consumption. So, even when a newspaper’s circulation is X, its readership could easily be 3-4X. Whereas for digital, the number is restricted to individual device users, which is usually the case with a handset.
  3. Print innovations are on the rise: In 2010, #Volkswagen created a ‘speaking’ newspaper in collaboration with #TheTimesofIndia. Such innovations are on the rise across the print media.
  4.  Vernacular is the key: Atleast in India, innovations in vernacular print have just started. This may just delay the onslaught of digital a bit.
  5. Eye-catching displays: Gone are the days of standard rectangular display ads. Now-a-days print ads too have started becoming innovative with their shapes, sizes and positioning.

So, while digital media will keep on making inroads, we at Khurana Branding and Communication feel that it will be impossible to altogether ignore print in the days to come.