Heard that adage – ‘What is inside matters the most.”

Well, that may be true, but only partially. Because when it came to the success of the popular brand #Paperboat, what was inside the pack was just half the story. According to Forbes, Neeraj Kakkar, CEO Hector Beverage (makers of #paperboat) believes that packaging played a crucial role in inducing impulse buying, but what was inside – the beverage quality – also mattered. After the brand’s launch in 2010, Hector Beverages, the makers of #paperboat has doubled its revenue from Rs. 36 crore in 2015 to Rs. 72 crore in 2016. Instead of the customary PET bottles or the #Tetrapak, #paperboat prefers pouch pack. The success of #papeboat has led to many players like #RAW Pressery to enter the market and replicate the magic to create the same buzz. This has even forced #CocaCola to take notice and launch its own brand #Zico in the market.

Keeping this case study in mind, let’s predict what packaging design trends are likely to dominate the market, this year:

  1. Lesser is better: Look at the packaging of beverages like #RAW Pressery or #paperboat. They have hardly any text, yet they invite the customer to hold the pack in their hands and toy with it.
  2. Colourful: Again, for an impulse-buying product like chocolate or beverages, the more colourful you are, the higher is your chance to get noticed and hence bought. #Kinderjoy is a great example of that.
  3. Lightweight: By replacing PET bottles with flexi pouch, #paperboat was able to cut down on the plastic requirement by over 50%. Besides making it lightweight, it is also less damaging to the environment.
  4. See through: According to PrintWeek, generic opaque packaging will make way to polymeric, see-through material. So opaque is out, and transparent is in.
  5. Package to Engage: For impulse brands, engagement is crucial. Packaging is the “moment of truth” for every brand and it too has to pitch in.

At Khurana Branding and Communication we believe that, while it is important to be mindful of what is inside, it is equally important to show the promise on the outside.